Steve McDonald Interview: What is FERPA? (Part 1 of 7 video clips)

Tracy Mitrano, former director of IT Policy and current Director of the Internet Culture, Policy, and Law Program (ICPL) at Cornell University, recently sat down with Steve McDonald, General Counsel at the Rhode Island School of Design and a well-known expert on FERPA. Mitrano interviewed McDonald on a range of issues covering FERPA – from the information that FERPA covers and what it means in the era of cloud computing, to actions that constitute a violation of FERPA and advice to stakeholders. This video is part 1 in a series of 7 clips.

What is FERPA?
FERPA, or the Family Rights Education Privacy Protection Act is a public law passed in 1974 that covers “education records.” What does the term “education record” mean and why is it not only important but a hot issue today?

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All Interview segments
Video clip 1: What is FERPA? (this one)
Video clip 2: Cloud Computing and FERPA
Video clip 3: Data Mining and FERPA
Video clip 4: What Constitutes a Violation?
Video clip 5: Advice for School Officials
Video clip 6: Advice for Parents and Students
Video clip 7: Advice for Vendors