Joel Reidenberg Interview

Cloud computing is “all the go” these days, but what does that term mean and what is its impact on our society, privacy and, most important, our children?

Professor Joel Reidenberg, the Microsoft Visiting Professor of Information Technology Policy at Princeton University, and Professor of Law at Fordham University and Founding Director of the Information Policy Clinic, explains in this extended video interview what cloud computing is technologically, what laws are implicated in its use with children under the age of 13 and for all students, where gaps exist in the law as the result of new technologies, and what districts, their boards and superintendents, parents and teachers can do to best protect their schools and their community.

Altogether the video is 24 minutes.  That may seem long, but Professor Reidenberg methodically works through a number of discrete issues to achieve a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities at stake.  These issues include:

  • What is cloud computing?
  • What laws are implicated in its use for schools?
  • Where in the law are their gaps to protect youth and education records?
  • What can a school board or superintendent do currently to protect itself, for example in contract formation for cloud services or in the creation of local policies for their use in a district?
  • What can parents and teachers and students do to protect themselves?

Historically, it is not unusual for technological revolutions to disrupt the law, economics and social norms.  How society responds to those disruptions is what matters in the long run.  As parents and students, it is vital that we think through the changes in technology and new ways of doing business while maintaining fundamental values of democracy, privacy and citizenship.  Learning more about the issues is the first step.  We hope this video interview helps us all in that process!